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Terms & Conditions

    1. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.
    2. All bookings made via Participating Websites or with Edotel Undiksha directly are made subject to these terms and conditions and the person making the booking will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons who will be staying at the Participating Property under the booking once any payment is made in relation to the booking.
    3. Bookings may also be governed by and subject to additional terms and conditions which are applied by individual Participating Properties. These terms and conditions may relate to items such as payments, deposits and cancellations and you should confirm the exact conditions directly with the Participating Property before booking. If there is any inconsistency between the Participating Property terms and conditions and these Terms and Conditions, the latter will prevail.
    4. For Live@ Bookings of 90 or more days you may be required to enter into a permanent rental agreement with the Participating Property in which case you will be bound by both the permanent rental agreement and these terms except to the extent of any inconsistency in which case the former will prevail to the extent of that inconsistency.
    5. If booking via your Travel Agent the terms and conditions provided by your Travel Agent will apply to your booking and you should ask your Travel Agent for a copy of these terms and conditions.
    6. Some Terms and Conditions vary according to the property type (for example capital or non-capital city properties) or according to booking type (for example Peak Season Bookings, Live@ Bookings and Advance Purchase Bookings). You should ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure you are aware of the Terms and Conditions which apply to your particular booking.
    7. Except in relation to Live@ Bookings if any part of your booking falls on a date which is classified as a Peak Season Booking date then your entire booking will be deemed a Peak Season Booking and any terms or conditions which apply to Peak Season Bookings will apply to your entire booking.
    8. Any prices, fees, deposit amounts or charges which are specified or referred to in these terms and conditions are in the same currency as the booking to which they relate.
  • Definitions
    1. In these Terms and Conditions:
      1. “Advance Purchase Booking” means a booking at any Participating Property which is advertised as an Advance Purchase Booking or which you have been notified by Edotel Undiksha is an Advance Purchase Booking or which is listed on a Participating Website as an Advance Purchase Booking.
      2. “Best Available Rate” means the best rate available on any given day for a particular Participating Property excluding any Live@ rate which is available.

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