Jatayu Street No 5 Singaraja, edutelundiksha@gmail.com, Phone 087863042490

Services and Facilities


Air conditioning facilities for the convenience of staying in Edotel Undiksha


Bedrooms are provided in Edotel Undiksha there are two types of Doubel Bead and Single Bed


The bathroom facilities is an important part in providing services in mengian in Edotel Undiksha

Table chairs

Facilities tables and chairs are provided so that customers feel comfortable to work in the hotel, especially in a hotel room

Free wifi

Free Wifi is provided by the hotel Edotel Undiksha


Cabinets provided to facilitate goods brought in from outside the boarders to be stored in the closet hotel rooms available

Living room

Edotel living room facilities are provided to make it easier if there are guests who want to visit


TV facilities are provided as one of the facilities that tenants feel comfortable in the hotel


The kitchen facilities are provided for tenants who want to use the kitchen to cook, etc.

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